Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns: When The Curtain Goes Up (2009)

Written by: Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns

Santa Fe & the Fat City Horns, the most known UNKNOWN horn band in the world. Ask musicians anywhere in the world about this band and you’re likely to get a surprised look that says “How did YOU know about them”! The Crown Jewel of Las Vegas Nevada, this band has re-set the bar for “horn bands”. Although known and revered as one of (if not THE) most original and prolific of the horn bands in this genre, they are also admired and loved as an extremely talented and versatile vocal group. With complex yet catchy harmonies and “hooks” this new CD by the band shows their writing, singing and arranging prowess to the world in a pristine studio recording.

“This is the first Studio Recording of this world class Funk/Latin/Rock/Jazz powerhouse. Their first two live recordings were instant hits with fans of bands like T.O.P., E.W.F. etc. and this new all original CD , sets them apart from ALL of them.”

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