Jerry Lopez is an outstanding guitarist and vocalist!!!!!!! He is musically “street” educated which is always the best way to learn “how to feel and play the groove.” Most street educated players do not grow past musical basics but Jerry is an excellent example of a “feel” player/singer that has conquered all musical boundaries – the best of both musical  worlds. Further, he can play many musical styles sounding like each are his main “groove.”

As a person, Jerry is a kind soul with a heart of gold – the most honorable traits a person can have! I am honored to be your friend Carnal!

Jay Graydon



Jerry is, without a doubt, my favorite guitarist!!!! He’s soulful, creative, looks great, sings unbelievable, and is a totally together human being. Absolutely the best!!!!

Emilio Castillo, Tower of Power



I met Jerry in Vegas about 10 years ago and we have kept in touch very closely for these many years. I am proud to say that Jerome Lopez is a great friend, and is one of the funkiest & finest guitar players I have ever heard!! Besides his guitar playing, his singing and songwriting compare by far with the baddest cats out there. Check him out.

Ricky Peterson.



I met Jerry Lopez about 10 years ago in Lake Tahoe and thought to myself, “Hmmm, here’s a guy who likes the same music I do. I wonder if he can sing?” Then I heard him. Then I also heard him play and checked out the vocal stuff he and Lenny had arranged for Santa Fe. That’s all it took for me to become a giant fan. I mention his name to anyone in the Las Vegas music scene and everybody knows just what I’m talking about except that they’ve been hip to this guy for years. After a few years with Tom Scott and a few tours and one CD with me and it seems that the whole world is catching up with the people who’ve known him for a long time. I think the Ricky Martin gig is only a small step for a career that’s gonna go way further and take some class along with it. The Boy Is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.

Bill Champlin



His real name is Jerome Lopez and believe me when I say that he is not one to sit still. Over the past years he has recorded with many music greats from Tom Scott, Grover Washington Jr, Bobby Kimball (from band “TOTO”) and who Jerry considers “…a big brother…” Bill Champlin from the band ‘Chicago.’ To be able to notch up this many artists, just how long has he been in the Music Industry?

I went on to ask him just how long he had to prepare himself for what was to come. A quick and very impressive “…I had to learn the show in six days…” was the answer. I think I am beginning to see why he was picked as the man for the job.

Ricky Martin



Jerry’s name kept popping up among friends and very respected colleagues but it wasn’t until I met and worked with him that I understood why. He has an innate feel for the great groove and a terrific harmonic sense. Couple those traits with a true producer’s mind, a great ear for talent and most importantly a huge heart and that’s Mr. Lopez. He brought me in to arrange on the Storm show at Mandalay bay where he was MD and not only did he give me free creative license to do what I do best (the mark of a great producer), I was instantly made to feel a part of his extended family. That wonderful working friendship has continued to grow and I have the utmost respect for his musical/spiritual work- it’s about love and family.

Larry Williams