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Jerry has assembled a team of musicians, engineers, writers, arrangers, and vocalists, that rival any LA or NY based team. Because Jerry’s “reach” is coast to coast and international, he has resources that others just don’t have access to. Along with using the state of the art technology in recording, and communications, Jerry has found the “System” for working with other talented arrangers and musicians wherever they may be. Bottom line in that the artist or client always gets exactly what they want, and more.


Currently producing shows, contracting musicians, and doing studio work in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Jerry also performs in different capacities and positions with big name acts all over the world.

Jerry is sought after by many artists because of his ability to build teams of great people and to tackle any project. Take a look at the “Quotes/Links” page to see the endorsements by other great people in the business, and by his heroes.

Jerry is a “People Person” and has honed his communication skills in a way that allows him to get 100% from the people he works with, where others will only get 50%. “I lead from the front, and always treat the people I work with, with respect. The first step is always hiring the very best musicians and PEOPLE that I can, this eliminates a lot of the problems that others encounter when trying to do the job that I do as a musical director.”

As a sideman tourning with artists like Ricky Martin, Bill Champlin, Tom Scott, Marc Anthony, Donny Osmond, and Wayne brady, Jerry is invaluable because of not only his musical ability, but because of his experience. “I think that because I’ve been a band leader all of my life, it makes me really sensitive to a leaders position. I am the best sideman anyone can hire because I know what’s expected of me, and I go the extra mile. I become the things that I need when I am at the helm of the ship.”